Alexander and Payne for sale boardHouse sales activity sprang back to life in February, says boards firm Agency Express.

Far more For Sale boards converted to Sold, and more new For Sale boards were erected compared with January, says the firm.

Nationally, the number of houses sold last month rocketed by 136%, going by new Sold boards. This was more than double the sales achieved in January, and the highest level of sales achieved since March 2008.

Three regions were the hotspots, reporting their highest month for house sales since mid to late 2007: London, the North-East and North-West.

Every region except central England saw substantial month on month increases in house sales, with London, the South-East, South-West, East Anglia and North-West all seeing sales activity more than double from January.

In cities, Nottingham experienced the greatest increase at 206%, with monthly house sales trebling compared to January. Other notable rises, where house sales at least doubled, were seen in Manchester (168%), Oxford (147%), Cambridge (140%), Milton Keynes (134%), Colchester (128%), Glasgow (111%), Coventry (110%), Norwich (109%), Newcastle (107%) and Carlisle (103%).

While bad weather and the rush to avoid Stamp Duty at the end of December dampened January’s house sales, Agency Express describes the increase in last month’s sales as ‘astounding’.

Managing director Stephen Watson said: “Whilst we expected February to be a better month for house sales than January, the levels we have seen have exceeded our expectations. People are now making the decision to move. We are now seeing house sales nearly match those we last saw two years ago.”

source: Estate Agency Today